Momina On Rewind With Samina Peerzada!

Samina Peerzada’s latest show on youtube is a treat to watch and only because of the way Samina conducts her show. She politely asks different questions from her guests and never indulges in too much controversy. Her soft demeanour makes this a must watch celebrity show. So, Momina Mustehsan was also a guest and she told her fans about some interesting facts about her life. Here are some things she shared on the show:

1. Momina comes from an Army background and was born in Quetta. Her family is so scattered all over the globe that it becomes difficult for her to classify herself from initially belonging to a single city.

2. She had her schooling from different parts of the world and is super focused on her education. She is a biomedical engineer and a mathematician as she did her major n these two fields.

3. Her mother and elder brother are both doctors but she wanted to do something different. So, she chose a different field and excelled in it, and got selected for 40 under 40 most successful graduates at her university.

4. Singing is a hobby for Momina and all her family has really good voices too. She was very close to her grandmother and she and her grandma used to sing old songs.

5. She has developed a solar-powered vaccine transport cooler to help carry vaccines for polio which will help on the road to eradicating polio.

Momina Mustehsan’s Trip To Spain!

Momina Mustehsan is a viral celebrity and every move of hers is covered. What she is wearing and what she is doing is always under the public eye. Momina went to Spain recently for some of her brand duties and people loved her different looks. From whites to blacks and gowns to jumpsuits she carried everything with style. Here are some pictures from her trip:

Momina In BBC Top 100 Women For 2017!

Momina Mustehsan is pretty much ruling the music scene since she became famous with her Coke Studio debut. She made the nation go Afreen Afreen after her debut opposite Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. She has since been a part of many advertisement campaigns, sung in Cornetto Pop Rock and was also a part of two songs in Coke Studio Season 10. She recently shared her experience about depression with her fans on social media to create awareness. Momina after all these ventures has achieved another achievement. She is the part of BBC Top 100 Women for 2017.

Momina expressed her feelings with this Instagram post. She has made her fans super happy with this achievement!

Humaima Disapproves Of Momina’s Selective Kindness

Mahira Khan controversy has had gears shifted and opinions rushed from both sides. Most of her friends from showbiz, however supported her and sent power and strength and good wishes her way including the famous young singer of today Momina Mustehsan. Her tweet asked for people to be non judgmental towards Mahira Khan. This reminded Humaima Malick, an actress often the subject of criticism herself due to her bold choices and clothes, of the time when Momina was not this kind and non judgmental about Qandeel Baloch.

Humaima further added for the likes of Momina;

Momina Mustehsan was quick to defend herself and retweeted her posts about the honour killings of Qandeel Baloch, her point being that she condemned her murder and supported the right to individual choices.

Humaima was not very convinced with this justification of her, and made a very philosophical tweet for her.

While Momina has not replied to this tweet and her heart may have been in the right place, but Humaima does have a point. Selective kindness is not kindness at all, and we are all guilty of it in our personal as well professional lives.

Momina Mustehsan Has Something To Say About “Ghoom Taana”

Momina Mustehsan never leaves any stone unturned when it come she to giving her best on Coke Studio. Her song “ghoom taana” one day ago is a trueness epitome of this. The voice of seven girls, with Momina herself leading the vocals transports the listeners somewhere else entirely. The music and composition is by Salman Ahmed.

Before the song aired, Momina posted about how this song is closest to her as it is frees your life and empowers you to live it fully.

Listen to the song now and you will also feel how right Momina was about this excellent number.

Momina Mustehsan Talks About Her Depression!

Momina Mustehsan is one of the most viral celebrities we have in Pakistan. She made the world go Afreen Afreen with her debut in Coke Studio. Suddenly she became a National crush and people all over were talking about her. But little did anyone know what as a girl she went through when she came under a massive scrutiny. Momina has talked about her depression on her Insta recently and discussed a topic which is otherwise considered taboo or unimportant in our society. Listen to what Momina said and this will surely help people get themselves together:

This Indian Singer Is An Admirer of Momina Mustehsan