”Women Have To Fight For Their Rights In This Country”, Says Meera

Meera has always been in the news for a number of reasons, some right and some not so right, but there is no denying the actress’s popularity in Pakistan. However, she is not very happy with the way this country treats its female citizens. She recently spoke to Samaa News Channel outside the courtroom as she faces charges registered against her by her self proclaimed ex husband. Her case was not decided today but she is hopeful she will get rid of the allegations one of these days.

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Shameless Conversation between Amir Liaquat and Meera

After all the hype and rage and debates about Ramzan transmissions, they are nowhere near any improvement. Rather, as Ramzan is progressing, they are getting more and more pointless, more and more vulgar and as detached from the holiness of this month as possible.

In his recent game show “Ramzan Mein Bol”, Amir Liaquat invited Meera. As the show unfolded, it was wrong on so many levels. From boys proposing to Meera through poetry to Meera telling the things she would be doing to prove herself a good wife and daughter in law, it was a very demeaning and shameless ramzan transmission, if I may call it that.

The meaningful phrases and tones that Amir Liaqat used were quite inappropriate and Meera’s responses were no good. Granted, she was playing a game but there has to be better ways, especially in 2017, to be a good wife, than washing and ironing clothes, and birthing kids and waking up your father in law in the morning.

Extremely disappointing, to say the least !!