Mahira Khan Visited Children In AKUH!

Mahira Khan is one of the biggest stars in Pakistan. With this much stardom comes responsibility and Mahira has always made sure to help others and spread smiles. From campaigning for Edhi foundation to spreading breast cancer awareness, Mahira is always at the forefront. This time she went to Agha Khan University Hospital and spent some quality time with children there. Here watch the innocent smiles:

May Allah bless these children with health and it is always good to see celebrities setting examples for general people by being kind and loving towards the ones who need it!

Mahira Khan Gets Very Candid And Personal With Samina Pirzada

Mahira Khan has come a long way in a very short time. From Bol to Humsafar to shehr e zaat, somehow Mahira is an example of she came, she saw and she conquered. She has gained enormous success. While some may be baffled by how she has amassed so many hit shows and movies, the fact remains that Mahira Khan clicked big time, in almost everything she did. Maybe it was the right mentors or the right attitude, Mahira Khan is the most successful and most expensive actress of today in Pakistan.

She has always been very guarded in her interviews and even seemed to be lacking the verbal skills to articulate well in some instances. But her most recent interview with Samina Pirzada was mind blowing. Mahira spoke with such honesty and fluency that you never lose focus or get bored anywhere in the whole episode. In Rewind With Samina Pirzada, Mahira spoke her heart out on various personal topics.

On being born eight years after her parents’ marriage and being spoilt

Mahira Khan rewound her childhood, telling that she was called a “miracle baby” at her birth, since she was born eight years after her parents’ marriage when they had almost given up hope and were planning to adopt. So she was terribly spoilt and pampered by all including her grandfather whom she was very close to.

Then she had a brother just one year after her and he was her own baby so Mahira really spoilt him. They lived together in a big house with extended family so she grew up between cousins, most of whom were boys.

On having strict parents 

Mahira Khan told how her mother was very protective and paranoid of her. She also remembers her as being really melodramatic like scaring the kids by threatening to take them to the burns ward. She was also quite strict about the studies, but Mahira spoke very fondly that she was never really scared of her parents. Her home was always open to her friends and her father would get up in the middle of the night and cook meals for whomever was awake.

On not finishing her degree 

Mahira had gone to USA for studying chemical engineering but soon found it too hard and switched to psychology which she left after a few semesters because she had to work two jobs to support herself and her studies. There seemed to be some details missing since she had such well off parents but she told just this much.

On finding love 

Many years after her divorce, Mahira was still very forthright about her love life, marriage and divorce. She told that she had fell in love at fourteen years of age but he came to Pakistan some years before her. At twenty one, she also left her studies and came to Pakistan and got married. Though it didn’t work out for her but Mahira still spoke of it as a magical time in her life.

On motherhood

Mahira is a proud mother to eight year Azlan whom she affectionately calls Azoo. She said that whenever she is back from work, she just holds this little person she has created and owns and that’s when she truly feels at home.

On being an actress

She also recounted her journey of being hired as a VJ and resisting that because she wanted to be an actress. However , that happened in its own time and during Bol and Humsafar, she was still a newbie and quite taken aback by the enormity of this business but by the time Shehrezat happened, she had truly gotten the hang of getting into the skin of her characters.

On controversies

Mahira said that controversy with Ranbir Kapoor was the first time she had fallen into a personal one, and that has made her wiser and more cautious at the expense of her innocence.

On marrying for the second time 

Samina Pirzada asked if Mahira plans on falling in love and marrying again, to which she replied that she really hopes she does fall in love again.

On understanding separation and death

On a final note, Mahira Khan said that she understands separation and moving on. As for death, she does understand what it means but does not know how she would deal if it happened closer to home.

With that was the end of a very heart to heart conversation by Mahira Khan on Rewind With Samina Pirzada.

Saba Qamar And Mahira Khan: The Top Debutantes!

Eastern Eye, a UK based publication has just released a list of top Bollywood debutantes for the year 2017. Two of the top Pakistani actresses Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar also made it to the list.

Mahira Khan made her Bollywood debut opposite Shahrukh Khan in the film Raees. Raees was a super hit and Mahira became first Pakistani actress to join Bollywood’s hundred crore club. She looked beautiful in the role of Asiya and now her role has gotten her a place in the best debutantes list.

Saba Qamar also made it to the list due to her superhit Hindi Medium opposite Irfan Khan. Saba won hearts on both sides of the border with her portrayal of Meeta in the film and now she is one of the top debutantes too.

Mahira Khan’s Cutest Birthday Celebration With Son Azlan!

Today is Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan’s birthday and the lady didn’t go for over the top celebrations but cut the cake with her family. Mahira shared a very beautiful video of her birthday celebration but she was not the only one on the cake duty, her son Azlan also completed his duty of blowing candles and cutting the cake. The cute bond between the mother and son is something which will make anyone go aww. Here watch the beautiful video:

We wish Mahira Khan a very happy birthday!

Shaan Shahid Has Some Advice For Mahira Khan!

Mahira Khan has just performed in a social issue based story. Verna, her latest project was dark and showed the trials and tribulations of a rape survivor in our society. Shaan Shahid as everyone knows is a very blunt person and mostly speaks out what he thinks. This time he has given Mahira some advice. According to him, Mahira should not be doing very dark and heavy projects. Look at what he said:

What do you think about Shaan’s words? Share in comments!

Mahira Khan Was Wronged, Tweets Raees’ Director

Mahira Khan had gained immense popularity after she was signed against the the King Khan of Bollywood for Raees, by Rahul Dholakia. However, things got tense between India and Pakistan after the Uri attacks, prior to the its release and that resulted in missing of promotions by Mahira Khan.

Mahira however bore no grudge and took it all in a stride. In a recent interview, expressing her views on working in Bollywood and then being banned from promotional events, she said, “Whether it was Shah Rukh Khan or Rahul or Ritesh Sidhwani or Farhan Akhtar, they all have been so amazing. At the end of the day, it’s about films, which is bigger than all of us combined. The film needed to be released. The film had to do well. They were all amazing. They still are.”

Rahul Dholakia truly appreciated her dedication and optimism and blamed his people for turning against her. He tweeted,

Mahira Khan And Haroon Shahid Differ In Opinion On ”Harassment” Issue

This is truly an era of female empowerment and feminist stances. From Bollywood to Pakistani showbiz a, almost every controversy boils down to gender inequality and female harassment or the forces fighting it. It is essentially a very tricky topic because you don’t want the bullying and harassment to run its ruins on males either, but you also do not want that fear to empower men to mistreat women once again. So let’s see what the two lead stars of upcoming movie Verna had to say about the recent issue of harassment raised by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy against a doctor in Karachi;

Mahira Khan clearly supports the Oscar Award winning feminist, saying that using personal details by a doctor to approach a girl, it is definitely the wrong code of conduct. She said it is acceptable if someone is using a social platform to voice their complaint about a doctor. The debate is about how far will they be willing to take it.

The debutante Haroon Shahid, voiced his opinion that merely sending a friendship request does not constitute harassment in the true meanings of the term.

I believe this issue will always keep people divided on all sides..