Hareem Farooq Gets Candid With Shaista Lodhi

Hareem Farooq has made quite a name for herself in the recent years. She has excelled in dramas, ramp modelling and has starred in movies like Dobara Phir Se, Siyaah and now Parchi. Yesterday, she appeared on Geo Subah Pakistan and got in a candid conversation with Shaista Lodhi. Dressed very casually in a short light blue kurta and loose white pants, Hareem stole the show with her down to earth mannerisms and frank attitude.

Hareem spoke of her journey to getting this slim and stylish from the weight of 103 kg that she gained after being bed bound and unable to exercise as she was recovering from an accident. Her tips were to listen to your own body and focus on being healthy and fit for your own self. Her main motivation was the result of her hard work as she saw the scales plummeting and that is how she continued to make efforts for slimming down. Talking about her childhood, she said she was a lazy student who was often absent due to sleeping in on school mornings.

Talking about makeup, Hareem revealed that she is not very much into makeup and she believes it does not suit her face very well. On the topic of marriage, Hareem told that her parents have given her full right to choose whomever she chooses to marry, but she would never want to go against their happiness. Their approval is most important for her.

Indulging the audience into more details about her personality, Hareem spoke of her intense love for pets and her wishes to go into the direction side of showbiz one day.

It was nice to get to know Hareem as a person as she is relatively new and has appeared in a huge number of roles already. Their was one section in which Shaista played to find out the dream man for Hareem by making three hypothetical proposals, which was quite ridiculous, and was made bearable only due to Hareem’s humility and humor.

Babar Khan Speaks For The First Time About Sana’s Death And His Life

Back in March 2014, we had all heard about the unfortunate accident that resulted in Pakistan’s First Miss Veet model turned actress Sana Khan’s death as the car in which she and her husband of three months Babar Khan were travelling enroute to Hyderabad crashed fatally. Then, in 2015, we got to know about Babar Khan’s second marriage to a girl in her teens, Bisma Khan. Babar had been out of the show I scene since Sana’s death, hence these news remained news and nobody knew the real story behind them.

Today, in Shaista Lodhi’s morning show, Babar Khan made an appearance and talked about everything that happened in his life since that unfortunate day. His was a love marriage and they had merely spent three months together when Sana unexpectedly left him for her eternal abode. Babar was extremely honest and vulnerable today by speaking of how it effected him. He told her that Sana’s demise had left him so depressed that he tried to take his life on many occasions after that. The aftermath of accident left him suicidal to the extent that he took sleeping pills and searched for different ways to attempt suicide while escaping the friends and family who swarmed him everyday, afraid for his own safety.

Shaista had also called his mother, Ishrat who spoke of a mother’s pain as she saw her only child slipping away in depression helplessly. She told of the day of accident when Babar refused to recognise anyone else except the dead body of his beloved wife. He had spilt open his head in the accident which he never got stitched and the wound got infected and he also developed seizures due to a blood clot in his brain as he did not want any medical intervention for himself after Sana’s death, so intent was he on passing away with her.

He seemed like an extremely loving husband to Sana, but sadly she could not live long enough to indulge in his love and care. Their love story and his condition after her death seems like one out of movies but it is true and very very saddening.

Shaista Lodhi then called Babar’s second wife Bisma and their kids Maryam and Ibrahim on the show. Babar told her how the birth of his daughter Maryam gave him the courage and happiness to move forward in a life that had lost all charm for him.

Bisma Khan is a beautiful young girl who got married to him after her matric and did inter later. The two married in 2015 and she is already a mother twice. Speaking of her experience with Babar Khan, she told in a gentle manner that she agreed to this marriage for her parents’ sake and that Babar had already told her about his love for Sana which she understood.

The adorable young bride told that she had found it confusing and difficult to adjust with him earlier and even through pregnancy but when Babar took their little girl in his arms for the first time, he was a changed man altogether.

Shaista then probed them about their love life and made Babar say romantic dialogues to Bisma which seemed a little forced, even though he appears to be a good and caring husband for his second wife as well, even though not as romantically inclined, which makes a lot of practical sense. His union with Sana was stuff made out of dreams, mystified more by her early demise. His marriage with Bisma is based more on life’s practicalities, especially since they are parents to two under two at the moment.

All in all, it was one of Shaista Lodhi’s best shows where the guests and even the host actually had a real topic to talk about. It was a sad but meaningful one and you walk away with the messages of not taking any loved one for granted as life is very unpredictable and that it goes on. People closer to you than life pass away but life goes on.

Maria Wasti Promotes Malkin On Geo Subah Pakistan

Maria Wasti is coming back into the drama game after some time and we are expecting a powerful performance from the diva who has done some very memorable roles to date. Her intensity and passion makes it hard not to becoming empathetic with whatever character she is playing, including the black and white and all the shades of grey in between.

She was a guest in Shaista Lodhi’s morning show yesterday with co stars Alyy Khan and Samina Ahmed and together they discussed what the essence of their new drama Malkin is. The conversation got quite candid as it flew from the notions of drama to the real life as we all navigate our lives with different relationships and the conflicts and turmoils that creates. Maria was candid in her opinions of how she thinks problems develop and how they should be resolved. Shaista was inquisitive about her opinion as well as those of her audience to understand how people think relatives and especially inlaws can be handled appropriately. Alyy Khan was his usual calm and deep self and gave some very philosophical insight into the issue.

Samina Ahmed obviously brought forth her wisdom of the years into the situation. Together they made up for an interesting watch regarding the problems human beings especially married couples in our society face on a daily basis.

Dua Malik And Nadia Hussain Discuss The Experience Of Hajj With Shaista Lodhi

Dua Malik and Nadia Hussain were among the lucky crowd of Muslims from all over the world who performed Hajj this year in 2017. This beautiful journey is obligatory on every able Muslim and those who have completed it always describe as a life changing experience.

These two celebrities were called by Shaista Lodhi on her show Geo Subah Pakistan yesterday. They were welcomed with garlands and a massive feast prepared for them, like the norm of inviting the hajjis for honorary meals to congratulate the end of this rite of passage that they have just covered.

They spoke about the immensely spiritual and unearthly experience it was for them. Both of them had left behind their kids in Pakistan and despite wanting to return to them, they were very moved by the spirituality they experienced on their blessed stay in Makkah and Medina.

There were a lot of tears in the show, both by the hostess and the guests as they recalled the close proximity they felt with Almighty during those days. One thing that particularly moved Nadia Hussain was the realisation of the honour that Allah hadn’t bestowed upon mothers as he made every Muslim take the to and fro journey between Safa and Mawra which Hajrah (peace be upon her) undertook in order to find some water for her infant. Dua Malik also made Shaista and Nadia cry as she recounted all that she felt and saw there.

May Allah accept it from them and all the Muslims who were lucky enough to have completed this entourage.

Shaista Lodhi Returning To Morning Shows Once Again

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Shaista Lodhi Back On GEO TV With Morning Show

Pakistani morning show host and TV presenter Shaista Lodhi is once again making her come back on GEO TV.

Famous Pakistani morning show host Shaista Lodhi is once again making her come back on GEO TV. She will be hosting morning show on GEO TV.

There was a promotional video on official page of GEO TV. Let’s see what Shaista Lodhi is bringing back for us. See the video given below.

Shaista Lodhi has also walked on ramp at various fashion shows. Recently, Shaista lodhi has made her Television debut with drama serial Wada on ARY Digital opposite Faisal Qureshi. Drama serial Wada is all about a promise that’s broken. Its a family drama and has a unique story.