I am proud to be a part of “Bharat” film, Katrina Kaif

Here is the reaction of bollywood barbidol Katrina Kaif after costing against Salman Khan in upcoming Indian movie “bharat”.  Ali Abbas Zafar has start shooting bollywood sultan’s Salman Khan move suddenly Priyanka Chopra announced to opt out the movie. Film maker were surprised but they instantly replaced Priyanka Chopra with Katrina Kaif. Sulman Khan has, in his signature style welcomed her. In his twitter message, while sharing the picture of Katrina Kaif said “A beautiful girl, named Katrina Kaif is welcomed in the life of “Bharat”.

Bharat is an upcoming Indian film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and jointly produced by Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar. The film stars Salman Khan, Tabu, Katrina Kaif, and Disha Patani in lead roles. It is a remake of the 2014 South Korean film Ode to My Father. Principal photography began in June 2018 and Bharat is scheduled for a theatrical release during Eid 2019.

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Film Sanju cross 339.93 cross in aggregate

In 5th week of release, bollywood movie “Sanju” has done more than 339.93 crore rupees business in aggreagate. The biographic movie of famous director Rajkamar Herani was released on 29th June and entered in 5th week.

Film cost includes Runbir Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Diya Mirza, Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma.

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I paid huge price for keeping marriage secret, Nehia Dhopia

Indian actress Nehia Dhopia has broken her long silence over her secret wedding. While discussing what she got and what she lost, in a recent interview, admitted that she has paid huge price for keeping secret her marriage. Many peoples, especially her fans were not happy with his sudden and unexpected marriage announcement.

Actress revealed that when she announced her wedding on Instagram, she got more than 600 messages but not for best wishes instead abuse. Moral of the story, never shock your fans with sudden announcement of your marriage instead mentally prepare them in advance to receive your marriage news.

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I am a batter actress as compared to Priyanka Chopra-Meera

Famous Pakistani film star Meera has criticized Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for casting in an American film and claimed that she is batter actress as compared to Priyanka Chopra. Film star Meera always come in news for her poor English. She is used to give such statements to get attention.

This time she claimed herself a batter actress as compared to Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra remain unavailable to comment on this news

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Ali Zafar reminisces the time he spent with Yash Chopra

Actor Ali Zafar, who will next be seen in Teefa In Trouble

believes any dream can be achieved with faith, right intentions and hard work. Ali’s Lightingale Productions and Yash Raj Films (YRF) have partnered for the international theatrical distribution of the film, which is scheduled to release on July 20, read a statement.

“I have always believed that with faith, the right intentions, goodwill and hard work, you can achieve all of your dreams. Today, I feel deeply humbled to have a huge dream fulfilled. To take our cinema global in the best possible manner and to do it with a company that is not just a company but an idea that love transcends all,” said Ali.

The Pakistani actor reminisced the time when he first signed up for Mere Brother Ki Dulhania and Kill/Dil.

“I have some of my best memories and experiences on those films. I still remember the time when the late Yash ji asked me at lunch one day: ‘Oye to Lahore to ain, yeh kheer zuroor try kareen (you are from Lahore, you must try this kheer (rice pudding)’. I thought to myself that the man who has induced such sweetness in our lives through his stories is making sure that I leave with an even sweeter taste in my mouth. It was surreal,” said Ali.

Avtar Panesar, Vice President at International Operations YRF, said that the team at the production house would like to think that YRF is Ali’s home in India. 

“It was a natural progression, taking that relationship to the next level with Ali as Producer with Teefa In Trouble. We have never distributed any film from Pakistan or from any other part of the world earlier; And are extremely selective with the films we handle for our friends in India, we are very excited to see what Ahsan Rahim the director and Ali Zafar as producer and actor have done with the film,” said Panesar.

pakistan shobiz-atif aslam-ali zafar-shafat (5)

This comes after actress-model-singer Meesha Shafi took to Twitter to allege that Ali had sexually harassed her on more than one occasion, in April. This sparked Pakistan’s #MeToo moment. Ali has categorically denied all such claims, saying he will take the legal route to resolve the matter.


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To Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif

My very dearest Sid & Katrina,

bollywood super star-katrina kaif-latest-instagaram-pic-1

I might not be Amitabh Bachchan and you, not my grandchildren, but since an open letter is the flavour of the season, so I thought I might as well.

You both carry a very valuable legacy on your tender shoulders — Sid, the legacy of your uncle Karan Johar, and Katrina, the legacy of your uncle, I mean…godfather…no, sorry… friend. Yes, friend! Salman Khan.

Both of you maybe a Malhotra or a Kaif, but you are also girls…oops I mean actors. Or so you would like to believe.

Sometimes people will make fun of your accent, Katrina. Don’t be bothered. You will have many people who would cast you in films anyway and justify that. Like in Baar Baar Dekho. You are not only born in England but to an English lady. See your bad Hindi is justified. Yet again.

And because you are good-looking, people will force their thinking on you, call you bad actors. They might be right. But ignore them. I think you both were brilliant in the film. Especially you, Katrina. There was a scene when you said and I quote, ”I feel nothing.” I believed you.

Don’t let anyone make you believe that the length of your skirt is a measure of your talent. You both have none. You have only skirts, so use them.

Don’t let big names affect your choices in films. Silly critics like me will tell you to read the script first. Ignore them. A film like Baar Baar Dekho can go back and forth in time and confuse anyone. And don’t get me wrong. It’s not the screenplay that bogged my mind but the wigs. Every character’s wig was so weird, that in some parallel world, Medusa had a hearty laugh.


Don’t let anyone preach you about the inconsequential things like the depth in characters, their growth, and sundry. Jai can turn around and call Diya domineering. So what if she is not? So what if it looks contrived? At least it makes for a grave accusation to create some tension in their relationship. People like me will tell you to watch the amazing bathroom confrontation scene in Break Ke Baad. Don’t listen to them. They are Deepika fans. Hmpf.

Don’t let anyone sell you the importance of logic in a film. You can brush your teeth without toothpaste, neither on your brush, nor in your mouth. But it’s okay. You are allowed, you are gorgeous. Your director will create genuine crisis in a movie and slip into a romantic song the next moment. People will call it silly. Pay no attention. They don’t understand the importance of Thailand Darshan. Cambridge Darshan. London Darshan. Creating cities’ brochures in designer clothes is not child’s play. So revel in it.

Lokesh Dharmani pens an open letter to Sid and Kat

At the end of the day, your director might not have any idea about modern-day relationships, the dilemma of personal and professional lives. All she would suggest is focus on small things. Don’t listen to her. Show her Break Ke Baad, first half. Love Aaj Kal, first half again. Keep her away from Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani.

Katrina – the privilege your ex-boyfriends offer you will not protect you from the difficulties you will face. You know why? Because they are, well, ex.

Sid — by the time you see and understand this, I may well not be around. Your fans would have killed me on Twitter.  But I think what I am saying today will never be relevant. But I will keep saying it anyway.

It will be my honour to be known not as Lokesh Dharmani, the movie reviewer. The one who called out the lack of depth in your film, the superficial treatment, the half-baked characters and a climax, one could see from a mile. I would rather be known as your grandfather…er …a pained viewer who spent 30 precious five dirhams on your movie.

Your… dada…nana…actually no one. Just a viewer. And a reviewer.

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Ali Zafar has complete faith in God and His way of justice

Teefa in Trouble

will not only mark his Pakistani silver screen debut but is also the first project for his production house, Lightingale Productions. Helmed by ad-film-maker, Ahsan Rahim and co-starring Maya Ali, Javed Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam and Faisal Qureshi, to Zafar, the film and banner are both his contributions to the prosperity of Pakistani cinema.

Naturally, Zafar has also composed and sung all the tracks for the film. “I think it has to be believable, for instance whenever Maya sings in the film, it’ll be Aima Baig, not five different voices,” he told The Express Tribune.

With the film’s musical offering, the Channo crooner hopes to give hit songs that he finds missing in the new wave of local cinema. “I wanted every song to be a movie-hit song. Every song should be immediately catchy, hummable and for the listeners to feel it. And that’s how I write most of my music.

Whether they are PSL anthems or the soundtrack on a film, my songs are for people to sing and enjoy. I would say it’s simple writing but it’s writing that’s meant to connect with the cross-section, all age-groups and everybody.”

Addressing the elephant in the room, the Tere Bin Laden star also opened up about his ongoing legal battle with fellow musician Meesha Shafi.

 For many years, Ahsan bhai and I wanted to make a film. While I was working in Bollywood

So we kept having these discussions and I knew if I were to make my first film ever, it would with him. Over the years we kept exchanging ideas, but then Teefa came to me over a masalay-daar khana (spicy food) in androon (interior) Lahore. I instantly told him and he got very excited and from then, the story kept developing.

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